Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Frederick Layton Gallery

Makers in Print
January 18 – March 23
Abandoned by the river, 2006The discipline of printmaking is as diverse in its execution as the artists from the many countries around the world where it is a visual art practice. Ranging from centuries old traditional techniques to new digital media, the artists in MIAD’s international Makers in Print exhibition embody this diversity of approaches.

The Makers in Print exhibition is staged in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s INOVA art gallery. They are showing the works of artists from Mexico, South Africa and Korea. MIAD is exhibiting artists from the following countries:

Travel Journal-Red Gate BureauPoland
Artists from Poland are: Grzegorz Handerek, Cieslinska Agnieszka, Mateusz Dabrowski; Krzysztof Symanowicz, and Andrzej Weclawski.

Artists from China are: Zhiyuan Cong, Long Chen, Qi Chen, Daquan Dai, Jun Guang, Dongxia Li, Guirong Lou, Yue Yang, and Yuanfan Zhang.

Artists from Argentina: Silvana Blasbalg, Andrea Moccio, Silvana Paulon, Roberto Koch, Mirta Kupferminc, and Zulema Maza.

Also on exhibit in the Frederick Layton Gallery:

Printmaker Emeritus Awards Exhibitions
January 18 – March 23
Includes the work of Judith Solodkin and Margo Humphrey in two separate exhibitions.

Margo Humphrey is an accomplished and renowned printmaker whose work spans five decades of artistic production. Her works often present an insightful commentary on the African American relationship to the mainstream American culture.

An accomplished printmaker herself, Judith Solodkin is best known for her work operating a fine art press, SOLOImpression. In her awards exhibit, Judith will show work from numerous artists she has worked with over her years at SOLOImpression, including such artists as Louise Bourgeois, Lynda Benglis, R. M. Fisher, and Kent Hendrickson.

Brooks Stevens Gallery

Making Connections: A Juried Exhibition of MIAD Printmaking Alumni
February 26 – March 23
Since the schools founding in 1974, MIAD has had a ongoing printmaking major which has evolved into one of the best print programs and production facilities in the Midwest. The alumni selected for this exhibit represent many different generations of students in the program who have studied under a variety of faculty over the years. Also on exhibit will be works from the full time faculty members who have guided the program and influenced the many students who have participated in it over the years of its existence.

River Level Gallery

I Had a Blueprint of History: An Artist Book by Lesley Dill
March 18 – March 23
An artist’s book on handmade paper by the renowned artist, Lesley Dill, with poetry by Tom Sleigh.

Arts Colony or Global Village?

Ewa Budka making a body print with latex matrixThis exhibition is an attempt to reexamine some fundamental tenets of a traditional print processes. It took as a starting point a critical essay by Luis Cumnitzer about the insular nature of printmaking practices entitled “Printmaking: a Colony of the Arts”. The work was done by printmaking students from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. All artists vigorously engaged in the search for, what we dubbed the “essence of print process”. We allowed all concepts to be examined and we went as far as questioning the validity of the traditional printmaking process in the Lucas Ruminski, screen, digitalera of digital technology. We all agreed that we would use print media only when they were the best process to express or convey the artist’s process. So at the end the class arrived at a point, where a variety of projects were finished, of which none automatically adhered to its label as prints. If they indeed were prints, or included printed matter, it happens through a process of thorough examination, argument and critical discussions, that all took into account a broad context of contemporary print media art.

East Gallery
Three Bridges
March 20th- 23rd
Participants: 36 participants from The University of Tennessee, Ohio University and Northern Illinois University

installation_view_1“Three Bridges” is a collaborative installation by more than 30 students and faculty from Ohio University, Northern Illinois University and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. The concept of “Three Bridges” references the “Milwaukee Bridge War” of 1845 between early settlers of the city. By creating a printed city at 1:50 scale, the project allows the participants to create three sections of an ideal city linked by bridges. This city is an ideal place for printmakers, where advertisement for ink and press manufacturers appear on billboards and the sides of buildings.

Entrance Gallery

Warsaw/MIAD Collaborative Exhibit (Title TBA)
March 18 – March 23

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Institute of Visual Arts (INOVA)

Makers in Print
January 18 – March 24, 2013
Inova’s Makers in Print features the work of artists from South Africa, South Korea and Mexico. Coordinating curators from these countries have selected artists whose work demonstrates a range of innovative techniques and meaningful approaches to this time-honored genre. Sanggon ChungExhibiting artists from South Africa: Paul Edmunds, Paul Emmanuel, William Kentridge, David Koloane, Terry Kurgan and Chloe Reid. From South Korea: Sanggon Chung, Young-Hun Kim, Oh Shin Kwon, Shin Sujin, Sang-Mi Yoo. From Mexico, portfolios from three print workshops—Escuela de Cultura Popular Martires del 68, Máquina Binaria Ediciones, and Artistas Veracruzanos Bajo la Ceiba—will be exhibited. MIAD’s Layton Gallery has a partner exhibition of works by artists from Argentina, China, and Poland.

Awards Exhibitions

These three solo exhibitions celebrate the careers of Lesley Dill (New York, NY), Frances Myers (Madison, WI) and Alison Saar (Los Angeles, CA). Each artist will be represented by a concise overview of recent print works.

Foreword by Sara Krajewski

Arts Center GalleryFox_showimage2

MA/MFA Exhibition I
March 8 – March 30, 2013
Arts Center Building (second floor) on the UWM campus

This exhibition will showcase the work of Peck School of the Arts graduate students; Jay Fox, Joe Grennier, Brooklyn Henke, Chantalla Kommanivanh, and Amy Magnuson.

Art History Gallery

Dürer to Dine: 500 Years of Printmaking
March 7 – March 28
Since the fifteenth century when Albrecht Dürer created masterful woodblock prints and engravings, printmaking techniques have evolved to include etching, mezzotint, lithography, silkscreen, and monoprint. Highlighting these developments, this exhibition includes prints by seminal artists such as Dürer, Rembrandt, Piranesi, Whistler, Picasso, Johns, Dine and others.

Maunder's Fish Shop, 1890 Masked figures, bird-woman, 1934 Madonna with the Monkey Self Portrait, 1972

Union Art Gallery

Uprisings: Images of Labor
March 21 – March 29
This is a collaborative and interactive printmaking exhibition based upon themes of labor, brought to the Union Art Gallery by the committed artists of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative. The exhibit features an interactive print factory and a fascinating, two-day series of artist lectures.

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 24 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. Visitors of Uprisings: can expectprint editions based upon the theme of labor to hang from the sky, as individual and collaborative work occurs on the ground. Justseeds artists, the Combat Paper Project, and guest artists will be included in the exhibition as well as the two-day schedule of artists’ talks about art and activism. All talks are free and open to the public.    Justseeds1-2

Kenilworth Square East Galleries

21 Years of Collaboration and Exchange at Artist Proof Studio
March 20 – March 23

Collaboration and Exchange at Artist Proof Studio  reveals personal exploration’; ‘a process for uncovering one’s visual voice’; ‘communal environments where making invites collaboration’; the power of print  giving ‘voice to people facing economic, political and environmental challenges’. The Exhibition celebrates international printmakers who contribute both as “as makers through print” and have made a difference in building and supporting careers of many young South African artists who through collaboration and exchange has led to the growth of remarkable careers as printmakers.

The exhibition, coordinated by Pamela Allara and Kim Berman, consists of works by USA Printmakers and collaborators who have collaborated with and taught workshops at Artist Proof Studio as well as printmakers past and present from Artist Proof Studio that span 21 years since the establishment of APS in 1991; Lauren Adelman; Kim Berman; Birgit Blyth; Muzi Donga;  Eileen Foti; Jane Goldman; Phillemon, Hlungwani; Cathy Kernan; Ilana Manolson; Osiah Masekoameng; Lehlohonolo Mashaba, Mongezi Ncaphayi; Lucas Ngweng, Charles Nkosi; Judy Quinn; Rhoda Rosenberg; Peter Scott; Stompie Selibe; Bambo Sibaya, Motsamai Thabane, Bevan de Wet,  Nhlanhla Xaba and others.

TellingtheStoryII  Artist Proof Studio

Fourth Floor Exhibition Gallery of the UWM Golda Meir LibraryErickson02

Another Place:  Printmakers’ and Book Artists’ Perspectives on Travel and Place
March 1 – June 28

Drawn entirely from the Book Arts Collection in the UWM Libraries’ Special Collections, materials on display include works by noted American printmakers and book artists, such as Sarah Bryant, Bob Erickson, Fred Hagstrom, Jim Lee, Clifton Meador, Gaylord Schanilec, Clarissa Sligh, Bonnie Stahlecker, Barbara Tettenbaum, and international artists, including David Esslemont (Wales), Néstor Goyanes (Argentina), Mirta Kupferminc (Argentina), Louse Levergneux (Canada), Xavier Monsalvatje (Spain), and Keith Wilson (Ireland).

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30am – 5:00pm, or by appointment (; 414.229.4345).