Mind the Gap

Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Tim Abel and Sara Parr

In this translation through process, a visual work will be the point of origin for poets and fiction writers to create a written work, in which printmakers have the task of re-visualizing. Through this collaboration between the printed word and printed image, this portfolio plays with and highlights the process of making connections across genres.

Tim Abel, Cynthia Lollis, Francesca Narvaez, Edie Overturf, Sara Parr, Joanne Price, Melissa Wagner-Lawler, Jody Williams, Connie Wolfe

Writers: Colleen Abel, Brenda Cardenas, Ching-In Chen, Rebecca Dunham, MC Hyland, Rachel Haley Himmelheber, Daniel Johnson, Brandi Reissenweber, Rachel Jamison Webster

The Average Path Length

Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Fawn Atencio

Small world experiments designed by Stanley Milgram and other researchers in the 1960’s examined the size and connectedness of social networks of people in the United States. The first annual Average Path Length portfolio exchange explores these ideas of connectedness by having invitees invite additional participants.

Carlos Baberena, Marwin Begaye , Catherine Chauvin, Jill McKeown, Crystal Wagner, Peggy Des Jardines , Danielle Creenaune , Laura Berman, Dani Triay, Maria Pujol, Fawn Atencio, Manuel Guerra, Francesca Lohmann, Agata Michalowska, Hannah Phelps, Soosen Dunholter, Kimberly Anderson Ritchie , Scott Ludwig, Michael Litzau, Melissa Vogley Woods, Terez Iacovino, Laura Bigger


Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Caroline Battle, Dana Lemoine & Rachel Nore

WMN:MKE is a portfolio where the participants are asked to draw on an experience where a woman in their life has encouraged them to make. Whatever it may be, these prints are homages to important women in our lives who have taught us and supported us in making.

Caroline Battle, Mary Hood, Annie Kielman, Dana Lemoine, Kelda Martensen, Erin Martinez, Jill Marie Mason, Gabriela Munoz, Rachel Nore, Kathryn Polk, Nicole Spranger, Lenore Thomas


Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Josh Bindewald

This portfolio consists of prints made by members of Highpoint Center for Printmaking’s artists’ cooperative, who were invited to explore the idea of osmosis as it refers to the influence (direct and indirect) artists in a print shop have on one another.

Zac Adams-Bliss, Molly Baeverstad, Josh Bindewald, Nancy Bolan, James Boyd Brent, Meg Bussey, Pam Carberry, Mike Elko, Travis Erickson, Michael Ferut, Don Krumpos, Therese Krupp, Ashlin Mears, Ana Musachio, Nuno Nuñez, Natasha Pestich, Miriam Rudolph, Johanna Winters, Ellen Wold

Material Muse: Japanese paper inspiring print

Marshall Building, The Fine Art Gallery, Suite 207

Sigrid Blohm

The twelve artists included in this portfolio each work differently, but all have decided to use Japanese paper because its unique characteristics enhance their own prints in some way. In choosing to print on washi – paper made by many caring hands – each artist’s work becomes a merging of creative processes, those of printmaker and papermaker, and the results are richer for it.

Elizabeth D’Agostino, Brian Curling, Catherine Farish, Karen Kunc, Kristen Martincic, Emma Nishimura, Deb Oden, Loree Ovens, Liz Parkinson, Julia Prime, April Vollmer, Erik Waterkotte

21 years of Collaboration and Exchange at Artist Proof Studio

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Kim Berman and Pamela Allara

The exhibition consists of works by USA Printmakers and collaborators who have collaborated with and taught workshops at Artist Proof Studio as well as printmakers past and present from Artist Proof Studio that span 21 years since the establishment of APS in 1991.
Lauren Adelman; Kim Berman; Birgit Blyth; Muzi Donga;  Eileen Foti; Jane Goldman; Phillemon, Hlungwani; Cathy Kernan; Ilana Manolson; Osiah Masekoameng; Lehlohonolo Mashaba, Mongezi Ncaphayi; Lucas Ngweng, Charles Nkosi; Judy Quinn; Rhoda Rosenberg; Peter Scott; Stompie Selibe; Bambo Sibaya, Motsamai Thabane, Bevan de Wet,  Nhlanhla Xaba and others.

Homespun Technology

Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Erik Brunvand

In this portfolio the artists respond to the theme of “Homespun Technology” in both literal and thematic ways. Some use their own homespun technology in the production of their prints. Others use imagery and thematic content to address this growing trend to “make” on one’s own, rather than be content with what someone else makes for you.

Erik Brunvand, Ed Bateman, Sean Caulfield, Catherine Stewart, Ashley John Pigford, Lenore Thomas, Erik Waterkotte, Amber Heaton, Justin Diggle, Nathan Meltz, Ericka Walker, Sandy Brunvand , Mike Lyon, Stefanie Dykes , Nicole Hand, Todd Anderson, Terri Dilling, Koichi Yamamoto, Yoonmi Nam, Leslie Grossman, Tricia Treacy

Digital Luminaries

Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Deborah Cornell

“Making” in the digital print media shifts between the lighted screen and the printed page. Hovering between pigment and light, the digital print embodies immateriality and a transformation of form; in keeping with the idea of illumination, the works in this portfolio are printed on transparent surfaces. This portfolio highlights print artists for whom digital methods are central to their work, and who expand our understanding of these new means for printmaking.

April Katz, Michael Connors, Shaurya Kumar, Beth Grabowski, Edward Berstein, Alicia Candiani, Paul Coldwell, Valgerdur Hauksdottir, Sue Gollifer, Diane Longley, Joshua Brennan, Deborah Cornell, Doug DeVinney, Julian Hensarling

Bankrupt and Empty

Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Tom Druecker

The portfolio “Bankrupt and Empty” is a reponse to a handout titled “Bad Boy Art and Artists” written in 2010 by my colleague, Tim High at the University of Texas in Austin. Shortly after the SGCI conference in St Louis it made its way to the internet where it caused quite a stir.This is our response, which includes the original handout and a print by Tim High.


Brett Anderson, Michael Barnes, Miguel Aragon, Byron Brauchli, Robert Brown, Christa Dalien, Tom Druecker, Bill Fick, Jon Goebel, Charles Hancock, John Hancock, Tim High, Peregrine Honig, Tom Huck, Rachel James, Tyler Krasowski, Emmy Lingscheit, Michael Krueger, Greg Nanney, Ryan O’malley, Matt Rebholz, Artemio Rodriguez, Katy Seals, Jenny Schmid, Tonja Torgerson

Make It Work

Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Nicole Geary & Nuno Nunez

This portfolio highlights the collaborative, intense, and rewarding nature of being a Frogman’s Printmaking Workshop assistant, those creative problem solvers who ensure things happen. Contributing artists have utilized at least one method studied during a Frogman’s workshop, demonstrating a variety of print media and talent.

Nicole Geary, Nuno Nuñez, Lori Ary, Adri Luna, Megan Moore, Matthew Presutti, Blake Sanders, Hannah Sanders, Brett Schiezer, Cat Snapp, Michelle St. Vrain, Richard Wenrich


Location:UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Ruthann Godollei

This portfolio reflects the idea that events, which happen in one place affect things far away- socially, politically, environmentally, esthetically. Participants explored the contagious demand for change, disasters, public policies, compassion, greed, envisioned futures, unforeseen consequences and have imagined how one situation impacts others.

Justin Diggle , Michael Barnes, Fred Hagstrom, Emily Minnie, Melanie Yazzie , Jumana, Al Hashal, Kate Copeland, Tim Dooley, Tattfoo Tan, Mike Ferut, Endi Poskovic, Marwin Begaye, Dusty Herbig,, John Hitchcock, Lenore Thomas, Ruthann Godollei


Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Jon Gourley

For the past decade, contemporary entertainment has focused much energy into the remake, a retelling of a previously explored narrative. Re:MKE examines this narrative form, the essential components of stories, and the editorial hand.

Seul Hwa Eum, Jon Gourley, Dara Lorenzo, Zoe Phillips, Nicholas Price, Julia Sackett, Savanna Snow, Jos Truitt

Cloud Stories

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Jana Harper

Cloud Stories is a portfolio of 20 images, bound into a book. Each image tells a different story about clouds and our relationship to the sky above.

Gina Alvarez, Lisa Bulawsky, Kristy Cherry, Katie Ford, Helen Frederick, Laura Gunnip, Melissa Harshman, Jana Harper, Despina Meimaroglou, Angela Malchionno, Kelda Martensen, Emily Muschinske, Carinna Parraman, Nicolette Ross Eleanor Ryburn, Gretchen Schermerhorn, Annie Stephens, Amy Thompson, Eileen Wallace, Kim Wardenburg

Entre Ambos Mundos/Between Both Worlds

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Joan Hausrath

Ambos mundos, both worlds. A famous hotel in Cuba where Hemingway wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls. A brand name for cigars, a magazine in Spain, a Bobby Hutcherson CD, but ambos mundos is more than just a historical or brand reference. It is a state, a duality where cultures and ideas cross borders, and where visual images open doors that language cannot, and where daily life can enter through those doors.

Linda Soberman, Hugo Anaya, Luis Carlos Rodriguez Ojeda, Mary Lou Lipkin, Humberto Guadalupe Blanco Suaste, Kathleen Cammarata, Glen Rogers, Ernesto de la Peña, Karen von Felten, Marisa Boullosa, Susan Dorf, Joan Hausrath

The Tabloids (A Portfoldio)

Location: Woodland Pattern Book Center (Riverwest tour)

Adriane Herman

The Tabloids (a portfolio) explores and emphasizes the mechanics of making by referencing format in its title and by requiring that contributions extend beyond the dimensions of the container. These works will be “outside the box,” so to speak, with the stipulation that it also embodies the capacity to rest comfortably in the box. Viewers are invited to page through, unfold, and otherwise open/dismantle these multi-dimensional works, while bearing responsibility to figure out how to put the works “back together again”.

Charles Beneke, Laura Berman, Scott Betz, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Michael Connors, Christa Dalien, Stephanie Dotson, Carol Emmons, Jenni Freidman, Leslie Grossman, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Adriane Herman, John Hitchcock, Matthew Hopson-Walker, Claire Joyce, Gary Kachadourian, Chang Soo Kim, Karen Kunc, Ruth Lingen, Beauvais Lyons, Janet Marcavage, Kristen Martincic, Phyllis McGibbon, PIlar Nadal, Yoonmi Nam, Johnny Naugahyde, Deb Oden, Printeresting, Brian Reeves, Carrie Scanga, Jennifer Schmidt, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Klaus Weiss and Karen Havskov Jensen, Paul Windle, Erin Zona

Wonder Women

Location:Marshall Building, Gallery 218, Suite 218

Amanda Knowles & Lenore Thomas

Wonder Women is a portfolio organized to celebrate and honor Frances Myers as an educator and mentor. The Wonder Women portfolio includes a group of women who were graduate students under Frances Myers through her tenure at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jean Dibble, Beth Grabowski, Melissa Harshman, Adriane Herman, Anita Jung, Louise Kames, Amanda Knowles, Janet Marcavage, Phyllis McGibbon, Briony Morrow-Cribbs, Amy Newell, Josie Osborne, Heather Page, Kristin Rothrock, Meredith Setser, Lenore Thomas

Tech Triple Threat

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Lauren Kussro

Print technicians are contributors, innovators, problem-solvers and multi-taskers in the vast arena of printmaking. In this portfolio, current and former print technicians are brought together to showcase their expertise in a variety of print skills.

Sarah Amos, Jeremy Cody, Lauren Kussro, Mari LaCure, Eric Mathew, Ashley Nason, Laurel Prieto, John Thomas Pusateri, Meredith Setser, Sarah Shebaro, Dan Steeves, Lenore Thomas, Jessie Van Der Laan, Sara-Aimee Verity, Allyce Wood


Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

 Emmy Lingscheit & Guen Montgomery

The Unicorn! portfolio examines the fantastical in relation to making. Creation is as much an act of originality as it is genesis through re-mixture, and the image of the unicorn serves here as a metaphor for innovation and optimistic risk-taking in contemporary printmaking, the willingness to investigate unfamiliar territories in the pursuit of something exceptional.

Anna Tararova, Annie Fletcher, Ashton Ludden, Benjamin Brockman, Brandon Gardner, Emmy Lingscheit, Guen Montgomery, Greg Daiker, Hannah and Blake Sanders, Joseph Velasquez, Jason Ammons, Matt Rebholz, Megan Lockhart, Rachel James, Peter Riesing, Richard Wenrich, Rodolfo Salgado Jr., Melanie Yazzie, Ericka Walker, Meghan O’Connor, Lauren Faulkenberry, Ann Flowers, Sara Marie Miller, Johanna Mueller, Katie Ries, Heather Bryant , Carrie Lingscheit, Beauvais Lyons, Leslie Grossman, Veronica Siehl, Mavina Baker, Katherine Pulido, Katie Seals, Steve Miller, Taryn Anne Williams, Rachael Madeline, Jessie Van der Laan, Ruthann Godollei

The Maker’s Mark

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Dara Lorenzo

The Maker’s Mark portfolio is about artists collaborating with their every day external environments. These prints will demonstrate how the artists view their communities and surroundings through the process of mark making using print.

Make __________

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Matthew McLaughlin

“Make __________” is all about the other things we make: as printmakers, as artists, and as people. Whether we make dinner for a family, make peace with an old friend or new enemy, or we make ends meet in our daily routine, we are constantly making things, even if they’re not prints. Each artist will create their piece based off their own completion of the phrase. A list of suggested phrases will be sent to participating artists for inspiration. Any techniques in printmaking will be allowed, including digital printing.

Matthew McLaughlin, Alessandra Echeverri, Kjellgren Alkire, Caroline Battle, Georgia Deal, Amy Gonzales, Stephanie Hess, Travis Johnson, Elizabeth Klimek, Kathryn Maxwell, Kerry McAleer-Keeler, Jacob Meders, Dennis O’Neil, Gretchen Schermerhorn, Hope Sorenson, Lynette Spencer, Cynthia Tidler, James Tucker

ME/TO/YOU project

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Becca Moore & Danny Greenberg

Participants created relief blocks of the earliest objects they could remember, and then left voice messages at the ME/TO/YOU project’s voicemail, describing their object-memory.

Jason Anderson, Siena Baldi, Lauren Banka, Seth Caplan, Kristin Cassidy, Crystal Rosemann, Stan Chisolm, Lindsay Deifik, Julia Denison, Amelia Fawcett, Allegra Fischer, Monica Foote, Jacob Francis, Jenie Gao, Danny Greenberg, Brenda Greenberg, Grace Hong, Hannah Ireland, Sylva Johnson, Rachel Krislov, Anya Liao, Sophie Lipman, Karen Mandelbaum, Chris Mannix, Austin Menard, Erin Mitchell, Becca Moore, Sympho Mubano, Jun Nakamura, Bryan Paine, Jenn Rich, Zoe Scharf, Rachel Sperry, Christine Stavridis, Carly Swindell, Rici Wittkugel, Amanda Yates, Lujia Zhang, Robert Varner

Assorted Delights: A secured collection of print wonders

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Jennifer Scheuer & Hannah Skoonberg

Assorted Delights contains three-dimensional works of a dozen object-oriented artists. The portfolio will be formatted as a candy box with a 3”x 3” x 2” segmented space where their print can exist. Inspired by the wunderkabinett (cabinet of wonders) collections, the box will contain visual and tactile delights. Our portfolio will be open to print and the object as multiple, and embrace the individual relationship between artists and how their specific approach to materials informs object making. Assorted Delights will exist both as fine art object and an alluring hand-held discovery.

Samantha Mosby Belcher, Margot Ecke, Ellie Honl, Raluca Iancu, Daniel Ogletree, Jennifer Scheuer, Cat Snapp, Hannah Skoonberg, Camilla Taylor, Rossitza Todorova, Jessie VanderLaan Delaney, Cerese Vaden

Brewers’ Derby

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Jeff Sippel

One commonality between the cities of Milwaukee and St. Louis is that they are major beer brewing capitals of the world. It is in honor of this legacy that the idea for this print exchange was initiated. The final portfolio will present a mixture (or special brew) of contemporary prints created by students and faculty from Milwaukee and St. Louis.

Jessica Cerutti, Barbara Savan, Casey O’Neal, Patricia Patterson, Valerie Dratwick, Victoria Wayne, Eryn Toebe, Anna Stephens, Ashley Sprecher, Corey Smith, Jay Fox, Joshua Christensen, Emily Klopstein, Ruby Silvestrini, Chadwick Noellert, Philip Gattuso, Seth Kniffin, Stephanie Gage

Critical Mass / Edge

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Nathaniel Stern

Critical Mass is a portfolio with forty-four international artists, each of them featured in Richard Noyce’s books: “Printmaking at the Edge” and “Critical Mass: Printmaking Beyond The Edge.” This body of work explores the evolving techniques and approaches, strategies and materials, being used in and with contemporary print forms.

Rebecca Beardmore, Scott Betz, Alicia Candiani, Wayne Eastcott, Chiara Giorgetti, Joan Hall, Christina Hallstrom, Anne Heyvaert, Helena Horalkova, Noaji Ishiyama, Brian Jones, Bodo Korsig, Dorothy Krause, Mirta Kupferminic, Leoni Lane, Schneider Michael, Richard Noyce, Michael Reed, Brian Reeves, Lina Rica, Xenofon Sachinis, Ruta Spelskyte, Jelene Sredanovic, Amy Sterly, Patricia Villalobos Echeverria, Michael Wegerer, Klavs Weiss, Pete Williams, Barbara Zeigler, Maria Parolin, John Hitchcock, Adriane Herman, Marjan Eggermont, Liz Ingram, Lisa Bulawsky, Ardan Ozmenoglu, Jessica Meunick-Ganger, Nathaniel Stern, Joscelyn Gardner, Phillip Garrett, Valgerdur Hauksdottir, Sandy Sykes, Kestutis Vasiliunas, Suzuki Michiko

Tony Stoeveken Tribute

Location:Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts(Riverwest tour)

Christine Style

Rationale: 2013 is the “year of the arts” for UWM and this tribute portfolio pays well-deserved respect to a printmaker (lithographer) and teacher who made his mark on many others. The UWM alumni Continuum show is part of the “year of the arts” already. Tony Stoeveken’s emeritus status and alumni connections are important elements deserving of a wider audience. If it not for our teachers and those paving the path ahead of us, where would we be?

Christine Style, Cheryl Olson-Sklar, Paula Schulze, Dara Larson, Jessica Poor, Stephanie Copoulos-Selle, Chris Niver, Mark Wilson, April J. Atkinson, Melanie Ariens, Kate Clapper, CathyJean Clark, Lisa Englander, Lee Ann Garrison, Berel Lutsky, and Leslie Vansen

“The Hidden Room in the House”, Printmakers and the Art of Sublimation

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Sylvia Taylor & Kathryn Polk

As artists, we are fortunate to be able to access dormant power and imagery through the process of sublimation. The idea of sublimation serves as a springboard to explore the “fire and black material prima” from which the raw impulses that inform our work are born.

Lynne D. Allen, Emily Arthur, Michael Barnes, Marwin Begaye, Doug Bosley, Alice Leora Briggs, John Driesbach, David DuBose, Oscar Gillespie, Karla Hackenmiller, Nicole Hand, Yuji Hiratsuka, John Hitchcock, Mary Hood, Mark Hosford, Drew Iwaniw, Elizabeth Klimek, Eunkang Koh, Carrie Lingscheit, Teresa Gomez Martorell, Michelle Martin, David Menard, Hibiki Miyazaki, Ashley Nason, Kathryn Polk, Andy Polk, Minna Resnick, Jenny Schmid, Fred Stonehouse, Sylvia Taylor, Susan Weisend, Art Werger


Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Rossitza Todorova

The 1-2-3-Collaborate! Portfolio aims to foster the web of cross-country connections created through printmaking. Three variable portfolios highlight paired collaborations between the 21 artists from around the US and Canada. By having each artist exchange work with three different collaborators the portfolio seeks to create new relationships and networks between artists.

Rossitza Todorova, Mackenzy Albright , Caroline Battle , Megan Berner , Melanie Berner , Silas Breaux , Deborah Chaney , Jay Fox , Ellie Honl , Kathryn Hunter , Nicola Lopez , Elysia Michaelsen , M. Gabriela Munoz , Jerry Phillips , Nick Ruth , Brett Schieszer , Kathleen Scott , Shane Smith , Megan Sterling , Patrick Vincent, William P. Dix

Trace + Gestures

Location:Marshall Building, Greymatter Gallery, Suite 222

Patricia Villalobos Echeverria & Nichole Maury

The theme of this portfolio relates to how traces can effect change, how what imprints us as individuals can effect real changes in culture, politics and our personal lives. What may seem ephemeral like an echo can generate cataclysmic changes globally and what may seem insignificant can alter the course of our personal lives. As printmakers, as artists, what we experience relates to what we make, what we generate becomes. The Trace + Gestures portfolio evidences echoes and fleeting gestures into something that is real and tangible.

Kim Ambriz, Alicia Candiani, Nayda Collazo-Llorens, Jean Dibble, Rodney Ewing. Robert Glasgow. Tom Howes, Cara Jaye, Anita Jung, Kent Kapplinger, Martyna Matusiak, Nichole Maury, Ayanah Moor, Danielle Rante, Miguel Angel Rivera, Claudia Sbrissa, Sergio Soave, Patricia Villalobos Echeverría, Melanie Yazzie

Local Conditions

Location: UWM PSOA Kenilworth Square East

Jeff Woodbury & Peregrine Press

Peregrine Press, a printmaking collaborative in Portland, Maine, presents the portfolio, “Local Conditions,” a suite of 28 prints reflecting on our lives in Maine and how we intertwine and interact with our surroundings, our communities, our situations, and each other.

Judith Allen, Susan Amons, Chris Beneman, Mary Brennan, Shawn Brewer, Jessyca Broekman, Sissy Buck, Stephen Burt, Kate Cheney Chappell, Blair Folts, Anne Garland, Jeanne O’Toole Hayman, Alison Hildreth, Elizabeth Jabar, Andrew Jaspersohn, Soozie Large, Mary Lou Lipkin, Robin McCarthy, Larinda Meade, Frankie Odom, Kit Pike, Liz Prescott, Sandra Quinn, Deb Schmitt, Dorothy Schwartz, Phil Stevens, Andrea Van Voorst Van Beest, Sui Witherell, Jeff Woodbury