We are pleased to once more offer a conference favorite, the SGC International Membership Exchange Portfolio. Here, members are able to come away with a great sampling of art to commemorate this year’s conference.


** Exhibition: March 23rd Saturday at Zelazo 177  9am-2pm(Pick up: 9-11am)


Membership Exchange Specifications:
Editions should consist of thirteen impressions numbered 1/13 to 13/13, using any archival material. Ten of the prints will be redistributed to other participants in a random selection process. The remaining prints from each edition will be retained as a complete set for the SGC International Archives and the hosting institutions.

Theme: Print: MKE (www.printmke2013.org)
Paper size: 11″ X 14″ – prints can be full bleed
Edition size: 13; numbered 1/13 to 13/13 (no proofs or editions larger than 13)
Entry fee: $10
Media: All forms of printmaking are accepted, including photography and purely digital processes.
Labeling: In pencil, clearly print artist’s name, title, and media on the back of each print.
Interleafing: Optional (cut 11″ X 14″), must be archival material. Please do not use newsprint, bags, tracing paper, wax paper, or Mylar as interleafing.

Prints must be the original artwork of the submitting artists, and must be dry at the time of submission.
The portfolio organizers reserve the right to refuse entry of any submission that fails to conform to the portfolio guidelines.

Downloadable PDF forms
SGCI Print and Artist Datasheet
SGCI Exchange Portfolio release form